Do you doubt your potential or feel stuck in a meaningless day-to-day routine? Do you believe you are meant to do something bigger and better with your life but feel uncertain about what that is? One session with me can provide you with:

  • Certainty about your innate gifts and abilities
  • Clarity about your highest potential
  • A clear vision of your best possible life so you can grow forward with true purpose in your life.

Deeply personal, non-predictive yet incredibly insightful, your hands are a map that give clear direction on how you can live your best life.


I use Scientific Hand Analysis (modern palmistry) to help individuals like you to know your true potential, manifest deeper meaning and get inspired to live your best life.


Scientific Hand Analysis is a modern form of palmistry based on 30+ years of scientific research which has resulted in accurate, tangible and infalliable results.


Research has proven your fingerprints show what you were built to DO and what you came to LEARN as a human. Your fingerprints are like the signature of your true being & they reveal what you were born to do.


My name is Derrick Little and I am a professional palm reader and scientific hand analyst based in Kauai, Hawaii.


I offer 45 minute in person Life Purpose consults for individuals visiting Hawaii and 1 hour long-distance hand readings via phone or web for people anywhere in the world using a  hand-printing method and flat rate mail.

If you are skeptical, please read my Testimonials from my clients or Book a Reading and see for yourself. You've found yourself here so have a look around and allow me to take your hand in mind and help you grow into your best self.




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