Your hands hold an incredibly accurate map which defines your highest possible expression of self, your biggest life challenges as well as your habitual patterns which may be helping you or hindering you from truly making positive progress in your life.


Scientific Hand Analysis (modern palmistry) is an unmatched precision self-knowledge tool which accurately provides clear answers about one's life purpose and the challenges one must work through in order to unlock the personal roadblocks we each have to finding deeper meaning in life.


Deeply personal, non predictive yet incredibly insightful, the lines on our hands are a type of language. These markings define personality, habits, major life events, divine gifts and so much more. The unique personal stamps known as the fingerprints show what we are each uniquely built to DO and what we are meant to LEARN as a "Divine Beings" having this "Mortal Education" here on planet earth.


My name is Derrick Little and I am a professional palm reader and scientific hand analyst based in Kauai, Hawaii.


I offer Life Purpose consults for individuals visiting Hawaii and accurate long-distance hand readings via phone or web for anyone anywhere in the world using a  hand-printing method and flat rate mail.


I have developed my abilities over many years of personal interest, focused study, passionate dedication, practice and application.


I strive to inspire and empower every individual I read for by assisting them to understand their unique Soul-level challenges and their unique Soul-level gifts that are clearly written and readable in their palms.

If you are skeptical, please read my Testimonials from my clients or Book a Reading and see for yourself. You've found yourself here so have a look around and allow me to take your hand in mind and help you grow into your best self by understanding your purpose and courageously moving through the trappings of your lesson(s).




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