Frequently Asked Questions Prior to Booking:


How long is a Reading?

Derrick offers 45 minute readings for individuals in Kauai

1 hour readings for long-distance cliets


Is the reading recorded?

Yes and Derrick will send you a copy afterwards


Are Readings in-person or on phone?

Derrick offers in-person readings for people visiting Kauai (Hawaii) and also offers long-distance readings for people anywhere in the USA (note: for an added international mailing cost, Derrick reads internationally)


How do "long-distance" hand readings work?

Derrick mails you a self-printing hand print kit and return envelope. You print your hands via a super easy method, using the materials he send you and then simply mail your prints back for him to analyze. (see how-to video on METHOD page)

What will one gain via a Hand Reading with Derrick?
A non-predictive "life purpose consult" can point you toward your unique "True North".


Derrick translates the unique, life map written in your hands to outline, define, clarify and explain the UNIQUE gifts that exist within you and are meant to be harnessed and inhabited during your lifetime. He defines the challenges and obstacles that your soul came here to learn so you may better understand, confront, engage and consciously work through them.

Derrick does not offer predictions but rather gives you a deep understanding of your true "soul-self". This acknowledgement often cultivates excitement, clarity, guidance, reassurance and gratitude for your unique life path and assists you to unlock deeper purpose in your day-to-day life.


Where does Derrick offer readings?

Derrick offers readings to people all over the world. In-person readings for people visiting the Island of Kauai (Hawaii) are by appointment and he works out of Golden Lotus Yoga Studio in Kapa'a.

Long-distance readings for individuals in the continental USA (and beyond) are executed by a mail-in print method. See video on the METHOD page.

How does long-distance palm reading work?

Derrick has an easy method for long-distance readings and the $ 150 cost includes all materials and postage. Once you pay for a reading with him, he mails you a hand-printing kit and a pre-stamped return envelope. You mail him back you hand prints and then he scedules your 1 hour phone reading.

Does a reading with Derrick predict the future? 

No. Derrick does not believe anyone's future is truly predictable. Each person has many possible paths toward many possible futures, none of which are set in stone. How we engage with our life is based on our decisions, actions and free will. 


The Insight in Hand reveals our predispositions, habits, personality traits, thinking styles, emotional states and our soul-level gifts and challenges. Hands also often show events and/0r issues which shape us and thus literally imprint us (and leave a mark upon us, visible in our hands). There are also historical ideas and theories that suggest hands also are a type of record keeper of our karmic patterns and our karmic path.


Derrick can see if you came here with a gift to be an artist or a healer or a leader or a myriad of other possible things. However knowing your souls gift does not necessarily mean you are using it. Often what Derrick explains highlights ones' highest potential AND also reveals that there is work to be done so that one can consciously engage and utilize those gift(s).


How is understanding one's habitual or subconscious patterns useful?

Say your emotional line (heart line) shows that you tend to be a hermit and/or someone who does not like to be the center of attention. Well that trait can serve you well if you have a Messenger Life Purpose and are a writer that needs to spend long hours working alone on your screenplay or novel. However if your hands tell me that your soul-gift is to be a Leader in the Community, then you might have to do some work on coming out of your hermit shell and exposing yourself to get some attention in the public eye.


What is this soul gift or "Life Purpose" that Derrick can see in the hands? 

In short, Life Purpose is the highest possible expression of oneself that, when embodied, creates a sense of meaning and personal fulfillment one's life. Parallel to this gift is your soul's challenge or Life Lesson, which is a challenge you must confront, work through and exalt in order to manifest your gift.


Knowing your unique Life Purpose (gift) and Life Lesson (challenge) as shown in your hands is invaluable. This information can bestow a sense of clarity, validation, understanding and empowerment of one's self. It often initiates radical change, self-compassion, self-awareness and acceptance and gives one amazing courage to fearlessly step into their highest self.


It is through the duet of Life Purpose and Life Lesson that we learn, grow and evolve into higher expressions of our best possible self.


Is Hand Analysis like Traditional Palmistry? 

Yes and no. They are similar. Hand analysis is like traditional palmistry minus the gypsy aspect (although many people think Derrick does resemble a gypsy). Many of the components of traditional palmistry are used in modern hand analysis. Derrick incorporates both to support one another because both have validity. 


How is hand analysis with Derrick different than a reading by "psychic"? 

Firstly, Derrick is not a psychic. Derrick is a life-long student of hand reading who has gradually grown into being a seasoned professional practitioner of hand analysis. 


Hand analysis does not attempt to tell you who you are going to marry or if you are going to be famous. Instead a skilled hand reader like Derrick will deliver a specific, clear, incredibly valuable and honest message to you about unique your soul-level potential.  


Hand analysis clearly foretells your GOD given gifts and abilities and your biggest challenges to using those abilities. Hand analysis clearly states what work needs to be done and why so that you can better understand your life and consciously engage with your soul-self to manifest the best possible expression of yourself and your most fulfillment in life.


How can it be that all we need to know is literally inscribed in our hands?

Nature is a manifestation of the Divine. Night and day illustrate the balance of dark and light, the seasons illustrate the cycles of Life, sun and moon create an order we call time. Everything we need to know is shown to us in the natural world. We must just learn to see, understand and apply that which is shown. Hands and fingerprints are, to me, just another of our Divine Creator's great methods given via the natural world as a guidebook for living. 


Man's quest to understand that which he is both here on the earthly plane and as an immortal soul, has led to the creation of many world religions and spiritual philosophies. It is often through our faith-based ideas that men and women give purpose to their day-to-day life. The stories of the great world religions and faith systems are a mixture of historical facts merged with miracles. I believe the message in one's hand is a similar combination of historical and scientific fact merged with a miracle of natural design. Even after all these years I can not fully explain how it is so and I am proud to say I am just fine with that.


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