Things must fall apart so that they can come back together in a new way.


My own life fell apart between 2009 and 20015. Therein that destruction was a sad and painful divorce punctuated by multiple deaths, drug abuse, exacerbated family wounds, destruction of my home and immense fear that I could not survive such radical and challenging change. I felt incredibly alone, numb and lost.


I was lucky that, at that time, I had a powerful spiritual teacher and friend who miraculously came to my aide. She arrived at a perfect moment amid my despair just as I hit rock bottom. She lovingly explained what was happening in my life from a much higher perspective and her wisdom and the Truth of it was a much needed lifeline out of the deep crisis I'd fallen into.


This life-changing conversation with the late Patricia Masters assisted me to understand my own purpose. Patricia was a gifted light worker who could channel clear messages about such things and that life changing conversation with her planted the first seeds of my recovery AND recreation of myself and my entire life.


Here I am in 2021, playing it forward, with much gratitude. Walking proof that knowing my purpose guided me to this moment, this work and this passion I feel in sharing it with others. My path, like yours and countless others is not always easy, but it is most often necessary for us to GROW.


Since 1996 I have strived to learn and understand how the lines in our hands can empower us to know more about ourselves and the greater meaning of our lives. I have spent years studying the findings of master hand analysts including Fred Gettings, William Benham, Beverly Jaegers, Ghanshyam Singh Birla, Ellen Goldberg and more. I was blessed to live in NYC for over 20 years, where I could meet countless people from every walk of life and read their hands in bars, cafes, parks and parties. My quest to understand and apply Palmistry as a Science led me to discover the LifePrints method of Scientific Hand Analysis developed by Richard Ungar. I am formally trained by master hand analyst and author Ronelle Coburn and hold a formal certification in the methods of Hand Analysis taught at the International Institute of Scientific Hand Analysis.



When not reading hands I spend my off hours singing devotional music, hanging with horses and making friends with wild songbirds. I often ride waves along the shores of Kauai or can be found exploring what lies beneath them with my snorkel and fins. I've been known to paint a few things too.



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